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Davidson River School: The School of Opportunities

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Davidson River School: A Trauma Skilled School, 2019 - 2020

North Carolina requires all school districts to have a program or school for students who do not thrive in a traditional school environment. Davidson River School serves a diverse student population including students who have lost course credit, may have been retained in the past, and/or students who may not otherwise graduate with age-appropriate peers. For over 20 years, Davidson River School has served high school students in Transylvania County with an alternative, individualized, and caring approach. We offer creative, flexible educational environments and delivery methods for academic growth—all without compromise to core curriculum, testing, and standards held by the other county high schools.

In August of 2021, Davidson River adopted a “Trauma-Skilled School Model” to increase graduation rates and test scores. Trauma-informed educators use a specific language and approach to meet students where they are and guide them toward academic success.

This approach was designed by the National Drop-Out Prevention Center, based on the idea that working to improve test grades and dropout rates cannot be done without first working with students to heal trauma (which negatively affects learning) and build resilience to it.

Learn more about the new trauma-skilled approach at Davidson River School, and read a detailed report in the Transylvania Times on the recent DRS presentation to the Transylvania County Board of Education.

Our Mission Statement

Davidson River School is committed to providing Transylvania County with responsible and healthy citizens through academic and career-technical education provided in a safe and caring environment.
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Davidson River School ABC Report Card 

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